WQ full head multistage sewage submersible pump (hereinafter referred to as electric pump), which is composed of pump, seal and motor. The motor is located in the upper part of the electric pump, which is a three-phase asynchronous motor; the pump is located in the lower part of the electric pump, which is a flow channel impeller-volute structure. The mechanical seal is used between the pump and the motor, and the "O" shaped oil-resistant rubber sealing ring is used as the static seal to ensure the reliability of the electric pump. The pump adopts special sand control structure to ensure the reliability and service life of the electric pump; the lower part of the pump is equipped with guide bearings, so when the water level is low, the electric pump can be placed and operated horizontally (or tilted) according to the actual situation, but the motor is not allowed to run out of the water or invert the electric pump.
When the rated lift is more than 100m, the electric pump is equipped with a silencing check valve to avoid damage to the electric pump due to the phenomenon of water hammer during shutdown. The user can also adjust the installation angle of the bend according to the actual use situation, in order to facilitate the installation of the pipeline.
The rotor shaft of electric pump is made of stainless steel to ensure that the shaft has more reliable mechanical strength, which can effectively improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the shaft, and is also convenient for the maintenance and disassembly of the impeller.
This series of electric pumps are widely used in industry, agriculture, mining, construction, municipal environmental protection and other places. They can pump liquids containing solid particles or soft solids such as short fiber, paper chips, sediment and so on, such as mud water, ash water, domestic wastewater, sewage, fecal urine and so on. They are ideal water conservancy equipment for agricultural drainage and irrigation, river pond silting and site construction, but they are not suitable for use in situations with explosion-proof requirements.

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