How does the slurry pump manufacturer improve the working efficiency of the slurry pump?
When the slurry pump is used to pump the slurry flow containing large , medium and small size materials in the liquid , the liquid is tangentially sprayed into the cylindrical chamber to form a vortex , and a part of the liquid is tangentially discharged from the chamber. Expel ; spray the slurry axially into the chamber , the vortex separates the large size material from the rest of the slurry and liquid ; remove the remaining slurry and liquid from the chamber along the axial direction , and spray it into the inlet of the slurry pump ; Using the material from the slurry pump as the jet liquid for forming the vortex , thereby reducing the wear of the impeller of the slurry pump and improving the efficiency of the slurry pump.
1 . When replacing the slurry pump , the slurry pump with the parameters close to the actual operating conditions is selected to ensure that the replaced pump always runs in a high-efficiency state. We have done a comparison experiment of the efficiency before and after the replacement of the slurry pump. The experiment shows that after replacing the low-efficiency and high-consumption slurry pump, the pump efficiency can be improved by about 10 %.
2 . Application of frequency conversion energy saving technology. For the slurry pump whose design parameters are greater than the actual operating conditions, it will always run in the high-efficiency area after installing the frequency conversion speed control device.
3 . Promote the application of new energy-saving products such as high-efficiency and energy-saving permanent magnet speed-regulating motors and dual-power motors on major slurry pumps.
4 . Slurry pump selection. When choosing a new pump, the pump produced by a large manufacturer should be selected to ensure the high efficiency of the slurry pump.
5 . Maintenance of slurry pump. (1) Always check and adjust the shaft end seal of the slurry pump to reduce volume loss; (2) After the slurry pump has been running for 10,000 hours , it should be overhauled to restore the pump efficiency; (3) On the slurry pump Promote the application of bellows sealing technology to completely eliminate the leakage of slurry pumps and improve volumetric efficiency.
6 . Regularly clean the filter tank, check the pipeline connection, and ensure that the slurry pump inlet pipeline is unobstructed.
7 . Strictly follow the operating procedures of the slurry pump. Before the pump is started, the disk pump should be performed, the inlet valve should be opened, the outlet valve should be closed, and the exhaust valve should be exhausted to check whether the inlet pressure of the pump meets the requirements. Prevent cavitation of the pump caused by low hydraulic pressure and insufficient flow.
8 . Regularly check the pump efficiency of the slurry pump. For the pump group with low pump efficiency, it is necessary to find the cause in time and take corresponding measures to solve it.

Post time: Mar-10-2022