Before starting the slurry pump, check the whole unit according to the following steps.

(1) The pump should be placed on a firm foundation to bear the full weight of the pump to eliminate vibration, and tighten all the anchor bolts.

(2) Pipes and valves should be supported separately. There is a gasket at the pump flange. When tightening the connecting bolts, it should be noted that some pump metal linings are higher than the flange. At this time, the bolts should not be tightened too much to avoid damage to the gasket.

(3) Rotate the shaft according to the rotation direction of the pump by hand. The shaft should be able to drive the impeller to rotate, and there should be no friction, otherwise the impeller clearance should be adjusted.

(4) Check the rotation of the motor, and make sure that the pump rotates in the direction of the arrow marked on the pump body. Note that the pump is not allowed to rotate in the opposite direction, otherwise the impeller thread will be tripped, resulting in damage to the pump.

(5) In the case of direct drive, the pump shaft and the motor shaft should be precisely aligned, and the pump shaft and the motor shaft should be parallel in the case of belt drive, and the position of the sheave should be adjusted so that it is perpendicular to the groove belt to avoid severe vibration and wear.

(6) A detachable short pipe should be installed at the suction pipe of the pump, and its length should be enough to disassemble the pump cover and replace the wearing parts, so as to facilitate the maintenance of the pump, and its length should be shown in the external dimension drawing of each pump.

(7) Shaft seal inspection: Due to the difference in the parking seal structure of the pump with the auxiliary impeller shaft seal, when an oil cup is installed on the pressure reducing cover, it is necessary to add grease through the oil cup. The grease is recommended to be lubricated with calcium and sodium base. fat.

Post time: Mar-10-2022