Slurry pumps usually wear out during use. The following is how to deal with the wear of parts:

The wear parts of the slurry pump are mainly the meshing of the teeth, the involute working surface and the planes at both ends of the gears; when the tooth surfaces of the gears are severely worn, the new gears should be replaced. If only the two planes of the gears are worn, they can be ground and polished on a surface grinder .

The wear of the shaft of the slurry pump is mainly due to the conflict between the two ends of the shaft and the supporting needle rollers. If the shaft is severely worn, it should be made from 45 steel or 40Cr steel. After rough and fine turning of the shaft blank, the bearing part should be heat treated with a hardness of HRC60-65, and then ground to make the surface roughness Ra of the bearing joint part unchanged. Greater than 0.32μm; the tolerance of the roundness and cylindricity of the shaft is 0.005mm; the part that cooperates with the gear should be H7/h6, and the surface roughness Ra should not be greater than 0.63μm.

The wear on the inside and outside of the pump is mainly caused by the arc-shaped working surface of the oil suction section. If there is slight wear and tear, it can be used after grinding with oil stone to remove burrs. The pump body is formed from cast iron casting blanks, and new parts should be replaced when severe wear occurs.

If the two ends of the inner gear of the pump are repaired by grinding, the width of the pump body should also be changed, which is the same as that removed by grinding at both ends of the gear. The two ends of the pump body after reprocessing should meet the standard technical requirements.

  The end cover of the slurry pump is made of cast iron. After Botaibang shows wear and tear, it can be ground and leveled on the flat plate. When the wear is serious, it should be ground and leveled on a surface grinder. The flat touch between the ground cover and the pump body should not be less than 85%. The flatness tolerance, the straightness tolerance of the end face hole centerline, the parallelism tolerance of the two end faces and the two-axis hole centerline The parallelism tolerance is 0.01mm. After the parts in the pump are repaired, the bearing needles should be replaced.

The requirements for the needle rollers are: the size error of the diameter of all the needle rollers should not exceed 0.003mm, the length tolerance is 0.1mm, and the gap with the shaft should be about 0.01mm; when the needle rollers are installed, they should be filled into the bearing shell according to the quantity requirements, and the rollers should be filled with The needles should be placed parallel to each other.

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