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Slurry Pump Bearing Housing-004



Shaft and Bearing Assembly, a large diameter shaft with a short overhang minimizes deflection and vibration. Heavy-duty roller bearing are housed in a removable bearing cartridge.

Yaobang Slurry Pump Bearing Housing 100% interchangeable with Slurry Pumps

OEM Slurry Pump Bearing Housing code list

1.5/1B-YA Slurry Pump code: B004M

2/1.5 B-YA Slurry Pump code: B004M

3/2 C-YA Slurry Pump code: C004M

4/3 C-YA Slurry Pump code: C004M

4/3 D-YA Slurry Pump code: D004M

6/4 D-YA Slurry Pump code: D004M

6/4 E-YA Slurry Pump code: E004M

8/6 E-YA Slurry Pump code: E004M

8/6 R-YA Slurry Pump code: R004M

10/8 ST-YA Slurry Pump code: ST004M

10/8 F-YA Slurry Pump code: FAM004M

12/10 ST-YA Slurry Pump code: ST004M

14/12 ST-YA Slurry Pump code: ST004M

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