YW Submersibel Sewage Pump

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YW Submersibel Sewage Pump




YW series of submersible sewage pumps are developed by the company based on absorption of intemationally advanced the technologies used for making like products.It has advantages of high efficiency,winding prevention,no blockage,automatic coupling,reliability,and automation in control.Moreover,it includes a unique feature in terms of removing solid particles and long fiber litter.

These pumps come in diameters of 50-600mm,with the flow rate of 10-7000m3/H,the head of 5-60m,abd power of 1.5-315KW,enabling passage of solid particles in diameters of 20-148mm.

Uses and Featurs 

YW series of submersible sewage pumps are mainly used in municipal projects,and the manufacturing,hopsital,construction works,hotels,and restaurants fields,for taking away fluids containing sold particles and all kinds of objects in form of long fibers,such as sludge,waste water and municipal domestic sewage-corrosive or erosive.These pumps have advantages of compactness and high efficiency,allowing for automatic of water levels as required and including an automatic protection device,a control cabinet,and an automatic dual-rail installation system.


Operational Requirements:

1.The motor shall be a three-phase AC motor with a rated voltage of 380V(660V) and a frequency of 50 Hz.

2.The temperature of the fluid shall not be more than 40 ℃。

3.The PH value of the liquid shall be in the range of 4-10.

4.The proportion of solid ibjects in the fluid by volume shall be less than 2%.

5.The fluid density shall be lower than 1.2*103kg/m3.

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